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"Get Ugly" is a term I've used with my son and daughter ever since they could walk.  I have used those words to encourage them to dig deep within themselves to overcome what appears to be an impossible challenge.  I would tell them to "Get Ugly."  Find a desire so powerful that you can overcome anything, and you shouldn't care what you look like or how you are perceived by anyone else.

I have told them not to be held back by fear of failure or embarrassment.  Fight that voice in your head telling you to give up because it's not easy...Get Ugly.

Anybody who has achieved success has encountered moments where it would have been easy to quit and blend in with the crowd, but they chose to fight through that moment... Get Ugly.

The 2020 pandemic was very difficult for our family as we were typically traveling to and from sporting activities, yet we were forced to a more isolated way of life.  My children needed something to engage their need for teamwork, competition, and personal growth. 

One day, my twelve year old son said we should brand Get Ugly and promote the Get Ugly mentality because it applies to all walks of life.  The idea of focusing our efforts to something positive in a year filled with so much negativity was a thought I couldn't ignore.  So when my son looked at me and said "Let's do it!"  I said "Let's Get Ugly."

We thank you for supporting our product and making this a reality.  Most importantly, we appreciate you spreading this positive message to the world... Get Ugly!

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