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We are so excited for the launch of Get Ugly that we want to celebrate with you!  Get Ugly is more than just a's a lifestyle.  Because of that, we truly want to see you Get Ugly!  If you post on Facebook or instagram a picture of you in your Get Ugly gear performing your favorite sport or activity, we will send you a FREE mask!  All you have to do is tag us.  We will then direct message you a code to use on our website to receive a free mask.

Follow these steps to receive a FREE Get Ugly mask:

1)  Take a picture in your Get Ugly gear performing your favorite sport or activity.

2)  Post the picture on your Facebook or Instagram.

3)  Tag our Instagram @getugly_2020 or Facebook @getugly2020 in your post.

4)  We will direct message you a promo code.

5)  Go to and add the Get Ugly Face Mask to your cart and enter the promo code (The promo code can be used only one time per customer).

6)  We will then mail you a FREE Get Ugly Face Mask.

If for any reason we DON'T send you a direct message with the promo code, please email us at or direct message us on Facebook or instagram.


Already have a free mask promo code?

Click here and enter promo code at checkout.

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